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What is the Method to Prevent Drill Pipe Fracture of Crawler Hydraulic Drilling Machine?

Exploration is a relatively complex and difficult task. Because the characteristics and structural conditions of the underground rock formations are different, the size of the difficulty factor of the exploration is also different, and sometimes the damage of the construction supplies will continue to occur, such as that the drill rods of crawler hydraulic drilling rigs have broken, in order to better go on the normal engineering construction, we can take preventive measures.

Prevention of Drill Pipe Fracture of Hydraulic Water Well Drilling Rig:

1. The quality of the raw materials used in crawler hydraulic water well drilling rig must be strictly controlled. After multiple process solutions, all index values are better than all normal levels. Improve the production process, improve the quality of machinery and equipment and employees to ensure that the quality of production and processing is improved in all aspects.



2. Prevention of drill pipe fracture: Considering from the perspective of exploration, before drilling, an effective drilling structure should be made according to the geological structure and the deep layer design of the drilling, and an effective drilling equipment mix ratio should be used. The waterproof casing shall be installed immediately when the geological structure is formed.

3. At the level of cleaning fluid selection, it is necessary to select good wetting performance to reduce the vibration caused by high-speed rotation to the drill pipe, and use differently formulated cleaning fluids for different geological structures. Improve the maintenance and inspection of drill pipes, store and solve drill pipes during leisure time to carry out anti-corrosion solutions, wipe the rust inhibitor at the wire mouth and put on the wire to prevent corrosion. Formulate strict safety operating procedures and strictly abide by them, and carry out learning and training of relevant professional knowledge for exploration staff.

Safety Accidents of Drill Pipe Fracture

The manufacturer of crawler hydraulic water well drilling rig introduces in detail. Special attention is paid to safety accidents of drill pipe fracture when drilling in the state of relieving pressure. This type of situation generally has two signs. One is that the fracture position occurs at the mid-joint point. Under such conditions, the drilling equipment will usually jump up, and the vertical shaft and drill pipe will generally rise additionally, and the bottom working pressure indicator will display the information that the working pressure is reduced. The other is that the fracture position of the drill pipe occurs below the midpoint. Under such conditions, the drill pipe will suddenly appear to be lowered, and the bottom working pressure indicator will display the information that the working pressure is increasing.

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